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This Blog is Dead

26 Aug 2016

I just didn’t have anything to put here. I still say things on Twitter and I moved all of my recipes to Recipo.

Maybe I’ll want to actually write things someday. And maybe the blog format will still be alive when that day comes. Maybe things will appear here in the future. Don’t hold your breath.

Bye bye blog.

Tags for Jekyll on Github

24 Feb 2014

Jekyll is a great way to build a blog-capable website. It’s straightforward but powerful and, best of all, generates a completely static site which can be hosted practically anywhere. GitHub Pages has become a popular hosting solution for Jekyll sites. It’s free and leverages the power and availability of GitHub. Did I mention that it’s free?

There is, however, one downside to hosting a Jekyll site on GitHub: no plugins. GitHub disables Jekyll plugins for security reasons, which is understandable but unfortunate. Extending and customizing Jekyll is much easier when you can run arbitrary Ruby code during the site build.

One practical side effect of this is that it is difficult to properly implement tags for a Jekyll blog. This has been talked about all over the web, including on the Jekyll issue tracker. It looks doubtful that an official solution is coming, so let’s find a workaround!