Matthew Trumbell

I'm an engineer that loves to create great software. I also lead teams that deliver wonderful things. Technology has never stopped amazing me and I'm quite lucky to get paid to immerse myself in that world every day.

I also have a number of other interests (mostly in technology / food / music) and I enjoy writing about them here and on twitter.

I live in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago with one incredible woman, one super child and two of the best cats you'll meet.


I have over a decade of experience building complex server side software with intuitive and easy to use clients. I've worked with many different architecture styles and with many codebases, but I gravitate toward lightweight, modular systems.

I've spent most of my career working in Python, C#, C and HTML/Javascript. I also have considerable experience with Java, C++ and database technologies such as PostgreSQL and MongoDB. Django has been my web framework of choice for a number of years, though I enjoy dabbling with others.

I have worked in financial technology for much of my career, solving many interesting problems along the way. I have designed and implemented many risk management systems and models for financial derivatives trading. This is my specialty and it's a very engaging problem set to work on.

My resume and professional profile are available online:


I'm on social media.

If you'd like to contact me directly, send me an email.

I also blog on this site, mostly about code and food. If you are interested in my incorrect political opinions, go to Twitter.